Magic 8 ball design – “Without a doubt”

Predictive Personas

Most likely

If you can create a predictive persona, it means you truly know not just what your users are like, but the exact factors that make it likely that a person will become and remain a happy customer.

Outlook good – The predictive part is looking deeper than just how old they are and how many cats they own. 

Remember, if you’re completely incapable of recruiting those 10 people, you’ll have a hard time finding thousands or even millions of them to be your actual users.

You may rely on it – Let that part sink in for a moment.

Your persona should reflect people you can find in the wild, since you’ll need to do that in order to acquire them as users of your product. If they’re impossible to find for research, either that person doesn’t exist or they exist but you’re not the right person to try to build something for them.

As I see it, yes… and then the bafflingly simple suggestion: Why test on fake users when you can make them real users.

If your product is free, have them sign up for it and then monitor their account over the next few weeks to see if they continue to use the product. Do whatever you can to turn them into a customer.

It is decidedly so – They become their own self fulfilling prophecy.