DESIGN is not ART is not BEAUTY

… but what of creativity, inspiration, and ideas? Beauty is a thing of wonder and amazement, a priori. Art is a purposeful exposition to provoke thought or emotion. Design is […]

Design, Process, and Collaboration at Stripe — In Progress — Medium always good to air out ideas and collaborate, but design thinking also requires meditation: The magical touches that make […]

Not only should you be a little childish and continue to ask users ‘Why?’. You should also be a little devilish, because your real objective is to seek out their […]

Signifiers, not affordances Some social indicators simply are the unintended but informative result of the behavior of others. Sometimes the evidence is a trail or trace of previous behavior: desire […]

Frictionless Design Choices : Learning by Shipping Frictionless and minimalism are related but not necessarily the same. Minimalist design is about reducing the surface area of an experience. Frictionless design […]

Dust off the resume – Customers are hiring Interesting framing method to inform design decisions. Designing Features Using Jobs To Be Done Personas are imaginary customers defined by attributes that […]