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R.E.M. - “So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)” (Reckoning, 1984)

On the extremely rare occasions that this video showed up on MTV or Friday Night Videos, I’d only need to hear those first five notes to instantly pop a massive Rickenbacker1boner.

I just love, love the way this song sounds and feels.


Stipe refused to lip sync to the song. Guitarist Peter Buck said, “We played a recording of the track, and the rest of us faked it, but Michael insisted on singing a new vocal to make it more real for him.”

+1 for Vintage Long-Hair Stipe.

  1. Nope, nerds: the Gretsch was just for the video. The original track (and the one you’re hearing) was, AFAIK, pure 12-string Rick. 


You best…


Technology Rocks!

I just spent the day rebuilding a rock wall.  You have to have some huge stones to do this type of work, and you have to be bolder than the average artist.  It takes flexing your brain a bit to fit all this earth happily together, because you don’t want to have to start over (or get rolled over).  Even something as seemingly simple sounding as rotating a rock was tough.

It made me wish I was sitting in front of my mac trying multiple layouts with pixel precision.  It truly made me appreciate the technology I have been behooven with.  It’s all relative in the design world and gravity is imaginary, but sometimes we still feel pressure just to start doing something, anything.  Sooner or later we come up with a product by brute force, and you can tell…

So before you tackle your next project - Step back for a moment and imagine how things will stack up.



To be in one place, or to be in another place… that is the check-in.

Source: thehappeningstance

It’s true, where there is a bounce there may be a spin… but ultimately it still matters how you roll.

Your ecosystem is essentially opened and closed.  In the smart phone world there is Apple and Android.  Apple is closed and controls all aspects of their ecosystem.  They make the phone and they design the operating system.  Plus, it integrates whole hog with rest of the apple i-sphere.  They make all of the decisions, and for the most part they’ve done a very good job of showing and telling customers what they want.  Android (ie Google) takes an open approach.  Their software is free and hacked on by anyone with a bit of programming chops.  Their hardware - outsourced.  This sometimes leaves the user jolted and scattered, but some cherish the freedom and customization options.

If done right, both can succeed. But you could also have Pauly Shore run a muck through your bio dome…  and it’s not as easy as a quick safety-dance-clean-up montage to fix the problem.  If you have a closed system like Facebook and continue to make bad choices, you will soon see the fallout, and all of the “Buuuu-dee”s and botox in the world won’t make you pretty again.

If you close down your ecosystem, be prepared to succeed or fail based on every choice you make… If you open up your ecosystem, be prepared to cede control and enjoy chaos.


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Is your website progressively enhanced?  With more and more customers consuming their web content on mobile devices, you need to position your business towards this new trend, or lose potential new clients.


Don’t be lulled into ease, because your business has enjoyed a quick upswing. Your competitors may be lurking around the corner. You might think, since you are small and agile, you can easily out innovate the lumbering oaf. This may hold true in the short term, but once the big guy does right his course, you have got another thing coming.

Take Microsoft and Walmart for example: the classic punching bags.  In recent years, they’ve been coming back into compliance with user needs. Walmart is leveraging its huge infrastructure to go green and get trendy.  A PR move or not, Walmart’s sheer size makes even small correction have big environmental impacts. Also, let us not forget, that it was only about 15 years ago that target moved from big box bland to merchandising maven. 

Microsoft has similarly made their move from pocket protectors to the new-age nerd. They broke into the younger markets of video games, phones, and movies. A decidedly, long haul approach, and eerily similar to Apples school marketing campaign of years past… Apple is in it’s heyday now, because, we’ve all grown up with Apple and Apple has aged with us.  Starting with bubbly shapes and bright colors and transforming into a silver fox, a sophisticated sleek and a refined professional.

The reality is that not always, but most people use Walmart and Microsoft, whether they like to admit it or not. Large companies can afford to take the 10-year approach… And because of this, can you afford not to?


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